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AkzoNobel screenshot Gaudi
Logo AkzoNobel

Customized CRM platform with open source technology for all 8 business units

Cloud++ created a customized CRM platform with open source technology that’s better, faster, and more efficient. The solution now forms the base for all 8 business units within AkzoNobel.

FleuraMetz crm
logo fleurametz

Working towards a customer-centric organization with a platform that gives a 360° customer overview

FleuraMetz now owns a platform that gives a 360-degree customer view and provides them with automized sales processes.

Blueroots app | Cloud++
Logo Blueroots - Customer Cloud++

Scalable trading platform for the floriculture sector

Fully custom-made trading platform integrated with hundreds of growers and traders via smart API ERP connection. Blueroots is a joint venture between Royal Flora Holland and the largest floricultural traders.

International logo | Customer Cloud++

Fully automated inspection process International

1000+ technical engineers work worldwide with an offline app to perform optimal ship inspections.

App.App. screenshot
Logo App.App. AkzoNobel | Customer Cloud++

A user-friendly solution for both the end-user as well as AkzoNobel stakeholders

Cloud++ built a solution for AkzoNobel that ensures a more efficient, speedy and user-friendly approval process: App. App. (“Approval Application”), a system now used all over the world by nearly a thousand users.

Dulux logo - Customer Cloud++

Logistic process optimization Dulux

A simple offline app to match a signature to the recipient, after which the order is finalized in the ERP (MS Dynamics).

Zocon app | Cloud++
Zocon logo | Customer Cloud++

Supply chain optimization for agricultural machines

By building a smart portal, the process operators can now report on their work with simple actions. No more ERP (Exact) actions are required.


Scaling development efforts

The SalesBuildr case study showcases a successful partnership where the challenges of scaling development efforts were met with a solution that embraced open communication, adaptability, and expertise.
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80% more efficiency by using our pre-built building blocks

Cloud++ supported Bloakes during the entire development process from design and development to implementation. Replacing the existing platform with a new platform by using the pre-built building blocks, which is a robust foundation.

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