Data Insights and Analytics

All your data available in one cloud-based environment. Let us take care of the implementation, which gives you time to focus on running your business.

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Build your data platform

Our Cloud++ data platform is built with proven technologies like Databricks, which is cloud agnostic. Choosing our data platforms will get you:

  • Scalable and thus always great performance
  • Unlimited storage
  • Secure and GDPR proof
  • Runs on the cloud platform of your choice
  • Personal assistance: 10+ years of experience in setting up data platforms and pipelines

Next to the implementation we also offer a ‘Lift 2 Shift’ service to move your data sets from your current environment (most of the time local on premise hosted) to your cloudbased data platform. Either rebuilding old ETL structures or making use of the application api’s to fetch and store data into the data platform.

Maintain your data platform

Our specialists will maintain and monitor your data platform and processes day and night, which gives you the time to focus on your business. Our maintenance promises:

  • Our monitoring systems will automatically trigger us when something out of the ordinary is happening to your data; we immediately respond to this
  • Day and night support available
  • Always the right data; we will make sure that your users are always using the latest datasets available
  • Cost control; we will optimise the cloud storage and CPU/memory usage based on your needs.

Extending your data platform

Extending self-service data platforms becomes easy once you have knowledge about the customers data structures, gaining this knowledge is part of the implementation and during the maintenance of your platform. In order to extend you do-it-yourself wit our advice or you can let us handle the implementation of new data pipelines or the creation self-service dashboards in for example PowerBI or Tableau.

Excellent results


A full 360 degrees view of our customers

Cloud++ implemented a unified data service consisting of several data sources (ERP, store systems, CRM) . The resulting 360-degree customer view is helping to improve customer service and our sales teams worldwide.

More customer cases

BI consultants or data scientists needed?

In need of some extra hands to support your journey to really be ‘smart with data’? Want to make the right decisions by using cloud based datasets
but are not able to due to a lot of disconnects between applications data?

We can help you with BI consultants, data architects to map your data needs or help you move an entire on premise data lake to the cloud for
better availability. Use our Team as a Service approach to get the specialists in your data teams.