Project based development

Get your app, platform or idea developed within an agreed scope and timeline. Ensure a high level of user engagement, stress free delivery, a great ROI, scalability and maintainability through our expert remote development teams.

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Custom solution

We understand, that every project is unique. If you have a defined scope or are looking for a partner to brainstorm, strategize, and refine your project concept. Our skilled developers and architects will meticulously execute your plan, ensuring precision and excellence at every step.

End-to-end development

From idea to deployment and beyond, Cloud++ offers comprehensive end-to-end development services. We handle everything, so you can focus on your core business activities while we develop your digital solution.

How we make it work

Local expertise

We work with lead developers/architects in The Netherlands. This way you have access to a local expert who can support you on-site. At the start this person will take control of the communication and project management and act as bridge to the development team.

Remote development

We have setup a tech hub in Brazil. This provides our customers with the opportunity to access a broad variety of technical expertise, flexibility and the opportunity to scale up quickly.

The 4 steps of success

Onboarding: From day 1 we embed in your company through fast and efficient onboarding processes. Within the first 4 weeks of working together, we will set priorities and define the roadmaps and scopes that will be at the core of our partnership.

Proof of concept: Using our pre-built features and building blocks from the platform, and through demos and experiments we verify the feasibility of the intended concept and set expectations for the solution.

Implementation: In sprints of 2 weeks, feedback will be gathered and user stories will be delivered within the agreed project timelines. Where applicable using our building blocks to speed up the delivery process.

Extend: Continuous iterations are necessary to further enhance the solution and ensure it’s always up-to-date to market changes. We’re always in your corner to optimize your solution.

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