We are a group of creative techies that love to see technology make the difference for our customers

We are a software development
partner with a 10+ years track record.

We develop custom made software products.

We aim at building long term relationships with our customers.

We connect locally. We deliver remotely.

With the support and guidance by local experts we ensure a Dutch business culture. You can meet them in your office, supporting you onsite in workshops and discussions. 

To scale up and execute development, you have access to developers in our tech hub in Brazil. They are skilled, have a passion for tech and they are trained to work with Dutch customers.

We take care of our people.

We care about our employees and our customers. We invest a lot of effort in the wellbeing of our people and in being a good employer. We organize a lot of sport events and family outings and give back to the community. In return we work with highly motivated people, they are committed, and they will always go the extra mile. This provides the basis for the delivery and growth in Cloud++ and is the basis for all we do.


We believe that technology will change the world beyond imagination. It enables companies to move faster and further. It offers incredible opportunities to solve challenges we face every day. Some companies use technology to support their business. For other companies technology is their business. 

We have seen companies struggling to deliver on the promise of technology. On the road to build and evolve their business, they need external support. This often leads to big projects, holding companies back by the cost, size, and complexity of technology. There must be another way. This is the reason why Cloud++ was founded. 


Our mission: We deliver valuable software. Smarter, faster, better. At affordable prices. 

We love to see technology make the difference for our customers. We put the wishes of our customers first and translate these wishes into valuable software. With iterative development, making use of our pre-built building blocks where possible. Delivered by committed and dedicated teams of professionals. This way we help companies forward in a controllable way. Focussed on the outcome, at affordable prices. 

In the process of doing so we bring nice projects and work to our people. Impacting their lives in a positive way as well. We take care of our people and give back to the community. Providing them with a nice job, and ensuring we are a good and fun place to work. This makes a Cloud++'er highly motivated. And highly motivated professionals will always go the extra mile.

It all started with…

a simple and accidental solution in response to a complex customer question from a stock exchange listed company. An idea 8 years ago, our passion for tech development, quality and a strong partnership have led to becoming part of the Deloitte Fast50 and FD Gazellen in 2019 and 2020. Today we support our customers in their pursuit of becoming greater organizations, by supporting in-house technology teams with our teams as a service model or (fixed price) project development.

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