How SalesBuildr was able to supercharge growth by
expanding their development team with Cloud++

The Challenge: fast growth required more skills and expertise

All of that with success, because Victor and his team experienced traction early on. As a result, they needed to scale up. Fast. Their existing development team performed very well, but the team was unable to meet the growing demands. The team needed to be expanded with other skilled and experienced developers, which was a major challenge in the current job market.

Solution: expand the team with experts that have the right skills and domain expertise

Victor and his team met Cloud++ at an event. We discussed their needs: experienced developers and UI/UX specialists who would not only be able to understand SalesBuildr’s systems quickly, but could also seamlessly integrate with the team’s development philosophy. SalesBuildr was specifically looking for developers and other software specialists that had experience with custom software development, web development and UI/UX design. Moreover, JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular and Typescript were some of the languages and platforms they needed the new team to be skilled at.


SalesBuildr decided to partner up since we have over 10+ years of experience building scalable, custom-built software products in over 40 technologies and frameworks. We could offer them their own, dedicated and experienced development team. The cooperation started with 3 Cloud++ developers and one Cloud++ UI/UX designer. Working with Cloud++ offered a solution that perfectly aligned with SalesBuildr’s development approach: the teams started working in sprints of two weeks, delivering incremental value with each cycle. For transparent and smooth collaboration, SalesBuildr works with a ticketing system. This enables both SalesBuildr and Cloud++ developers to easily track progress and priorities. It also fosters open, transparent culture.

Results: a solid foundation for future growth

A highly skilled, diverse and experienced team was able to tackle SalesBuildr’s challenges. This case study is an example of a successful partnership, where the challenges of a growing company and scaling development efforts were met with a solution that offered open communication, adaptability, and expertise.

“As we all know, it’s hard to find the right people that have the right skills and the right domain expertise. Our partnership with Cloud++ provides us with access to a wide range of technical expertise and this allows us to deliver on every challenge we face.”

Victor Raessen - founder & CEO of SalesBuildr

About SalesBuildr

SalesBuildr was founded in 2021 by Victor Raessen. As a vertical, niche SaaS platform for IT management service providers, SalesBuildr helps MSPs, VARs and IT Providers automate their sales process with seamless quoting, proposals and self-service storefronts.