FleuraNetz now has a platform that gives a 360° overview of customer data and can work towards a customer-centric organization

The Challenge

FleuraMetz is a traditional company with out-dated processes when it comes to customer-centricity. This means that every department – i.e. logistics, finances, marketing – has different systems they use, creating an unclear data overview.

  • Lack of a platform that links everything together to get 360° customer insights
  • No streamlined communication process leading to a lack of control, steering and ownership

The Solution

The solution created by Cloud++ was developed to solve these challenges and is three-fold.

  • A platform that is the commercial heart of the FleuraMetz organization
  • A 360° overview of customer behavior, segmentation, and triggers
  • Full integration between systems with dashboards and marketing automation for retargeting

Key Results

Time-to-market: within 6 months the platform was developed, which was then tested with ambassadors in each region.

Active in 8 countries across the world: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, England, and Ireland.

A long term investment, with 100 employees that make use of the platform.

The Collaboration between FleuraMetz & Cloud++

Other global players in the CRM space like Oracle, Dynamics and Salesforce needed big implementation projects (= time and budget issues) and a lot of recurring costs on licensing, hence FleuraMetz and Cloud++ decided to start a partnership to work together on building their own future-proof CRM platform.

Sjoerd van der Klei

CRM Manager FleuraMetz

‘’We were looking for a solution that would lead to a much better process, integrated platform and ROI. We found that partner in Cloud++. They are very flexible and dynamic, and the team feels like an extension to the FleuraMetz team.’’

About FleuraMetz

Fleurametz is a label of FM group and is a full-service partner for florists in Europe, North America, and Australia. Fleurametz offers a complete package of flowers, plants, and sundries and aims to be an innovator in the market. FM Group has several labels that service florists, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide. FM Group employs around 1400 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of approximately 500 million Euros. More information: www.FMGroup.fm

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