The shortage of qualified IT staff is not a new problem. For years, the world has had a gap between the number of available tech talent and the number of tech jobs. COVID-19 has done nothing to detract from this: it caused a wave of tech adoption for businesses across all industries which were forced to serve their customers online and let their employees work remotely. As a result, the acute shortage of IT staff has only increased. Even now, as the world is slowly reopening, organizations will feel the need to continue investing in their online business in order to stay future proof.

By 2020, the shortage of qualified and skilled tech talent had risen to approximately 500.000 in Europe and 1M+ in the US, leaving many companies at their wits end. An average of 58% of European companies is still experiencing problems filling their vacancies, and this number is expected to increase rather than decrease.

Yes, this is a severe problem. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed

It’s clear that it can be very challenging to find good IT specialists these days. If there is any tech staff available, it has become almost impossible to afford them. Hourly rates up to 120 euros are very normal within Europe. It is therefore not surprising that many employers are now experiencing considerable obstacles in their work as a result of staff shortages. However, there is no need to write off the situation as hopeless and leave your projects on the shelf. There is a solution to this problem. A solution that provides immediate, short-term relief. This relief comes in the form of Team as a Service.

Instant access to top talent

In the long-term, education and retraining of software developers and other it-specialist is of course a solution. But think about how much time and financial investment this will cost you. You just want to be able to get on with your business without having to invest in building an in-house tech team.

Cloud++ is giving you this opportunity by offering a quick access to a cohesive and multidisciplinary tech team that will be instantly up and running.

Our Team as a Service consists of the following roles:

  • Back- and frontend developersUI/UX designersDevOpsData and software architectsQA (testers), product owners and scrummasters

Full Flexibility

You choose, we offer. Whether you are looking for a full tech team or only specific specialists integrated into your in-house team, the choice is yours. We offer agile working in 2 weeks sprints or catered to you existing processes with flexible working hours, 100% remote, hybrid or onsite teams. This enables you to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the outside world.

Cost efficiency

You no longer have to spend hours searching for overpriced personnel. We work with a cost efficient scalable model with presence in The Netherlands, Estonia and Brasil.

Get on board!

In our onboarding process we will analyze your business and specific needs, select the best team for you, assign a team or resource and ensure a continuous and frictionless communication.