Podcast SaaS Bazen x Cloud++

Our founder Erik Kramer and Johan de Wit from SaaS Bazen had an amazing conversation. In this podcast they talked about the possibilities Cloud++ offers and the cooperation with remote teams and custom build software. Besides that, they discuss struggles to tackle while working with a remote development team.

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Erik Kramer - SaaS Bazen podcast | Cloud++

9 best practices for working with a remote team

  1. Document the mainlines of the systems, features and processes in a permanent location.
  2. Don’t put specs in your tickets, only use it for the small adjustments.
  3. If there is a bug, report this with a screenshot. Screenrecording is even better.
  4. Determine a release/deploy cycle that fits in your product/company.
  5. Plan extra time for unexpected struggles during your sprints.
  6. Ask the development team what maintenance is needed and schedule this as a user story.
  7. Try to explain everything verbally, in for example a refinement session.
  8. For the PO, keep a close eye on the distinction between the “what” and the “how”. Your responsibility is to define “what” you want”; the development team is responsible for the “how”.
  9. For small improvements: describe the problem you want to solve or the goal you want to achieve, instead of coming up with a detailed solution yourself. That way, you can come up with the best solution together with the development team.

Tech update Johan and Jan from Playbookify

Johan and Jan are talking about the tech update for Playbookify and there experiences with the remote development team from Cloud++

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