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About AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel has a passion for paint. As experts in the proud craft of making paints and coatings, they’re setting the standard in color and protection since 1792. AkzoNobel’s world class portfolio of brands – including Dulux, International, Sikkens and Interpon – is trusted by customers around the globe. Headquartered in the Netherlands, they are active in over 150 countries and employ around 35,000 talented people who are passionate about delivering the high performance products and services their customers expect.


The Challenge

AkzoNobel didn’t have an efficient approval process in place to review pending credit limits and blocked orders, which caused problems in determining the workflows. They utilized a SAP (FSCM) solution, which wasn’t efficient nor user-friendly enough. Instead, they required a solution that was user-friendly for both the end-user as well as AkzoNobel stakeholders, and adaptable to all mobile devices with the right login credentials – using a connection with Azure Active Directory.


The Solution

Cloud++ built a solution for AkzoNobel that ensures a more efficient, speedy and user-friendly approval process: App. App. (“Approval Application”), a system now used all over the world by nearly a thousand users. Based on the data it retrieves (from multiple data sources like SAP (ERP) and D&B), the tool will determine who the approvers are and send these back to the SAP system so they can be tracked. There will be an automated email sent out to the approvers to review the request and give their feedback. It gives continuous and live information on the status, until this is approved/rejected for a credit limit request or released/cancelled for a blocked order. App. App. registers everything and sends all data back to SAP, allowing it to retrieve everything that’s historically been done.

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Technical details

Cloud++ built a development platform for AkzoNobel’s business applications, consisting of reusable modules that support an easy implementation of applications like the App. App. This platform is built on open source technologies like docker, nodejs, angularjs, hosted on Azure with a multiple data center approach. The platform integrates with 25+ Akzonobel internal systems, such as SAP and Dynamics ERPs, or product management systems, chatbots, BI, Office 365, active directory, and external data providers.


The results

Working with a small and efficient team who were always on call, meant that the time-to-market was extremely fast. The main results can be measured in the time saved, particularly on the clearity and process-side, which has significantly been reduced. AkzoNobel now has a user-friendly interface for the end-user and the App. App. approvers; providing a clear overview on users and matrices.

  • much faster feedback on credit limit requests and blocked orders
  • 12 weeks time-to-market
  • 1 user-friendly interface for the end-user and App. App. approvers


Why Cloud++

AkzoNobel and Cloud++ were already working together on different CRM solutions and our open source development platform, making collaboration on App. App. a natural transition. The partnership went extremely smoothly, as we collaborated on the project and faced hurdles together head on. The whole process was built on agile software development, which ensured we were iterative, and the solution evolved through collaboration between two cross-functional teams.

As such, after the initial implementation and completion of the full setup, we had weekly check-ins to discuss the status on what tickets are open, which individual is working on what, what is or isn’t moving and what can we improve upon. Today, we only have contact when needed, but Cloud++ is always there when anyone at AkzoNobel has questions or needs help on parts within the application.


Cédric Hofman

‘’Cloud++ solutions are unlimited, simple and extremely user-friendly. The teamwork between AkzoNobel and Cloud++ was fantastic and ran ultra-smooth.’’